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The Bettor Life

Aug 29, 2019

Tim discusses a scenario at the craps table where a few instances of bad etiquette occurred. Eric shares thoughts on pulling markers for sports. Tim talks Marines vs everybody. The guys chat about The Summit. Also, a few questions and stories from listeners.

Show: @TheBettorLife

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Aug 22, 2019

This week's episode is focused on one thing: betting the NFL. Gill Alexander, host of A Numbers Game on VSiN, joins Tim and Eric to talk a handful of betting aspects in the NFL. The guys talk futures, the Browns, who might win the AFC North, NFL coach to be fired first and more.

Guest: @BeatingTheBook


Aug 14, 2019

As you may have picked up on last week's show, this week features Mark DeVol from You Can Bet On That. Mark joins Tim and Eric for a couple of serious discussions. First, the guys talk about being a gambler inside their marriage and how it works. Second, they discuss the etiquette of when to leave during a home game if...

Aug 7, 2019

Tim and Eric briefly talk about different ways to get action in football going into the new season, including a "33 pool" as described by audio sent in by Ed. Then, a couple more examples of table etiquette and how to mind your business. Finally, some quick chatter on Wynn App, G2E, and a listener email.


Aug 1, 2019

This week features Paul Carr, a casual sports bettor who primarily bets soccer. He can be heard on A Numbers Game each week talking Premier League. With us, he talks what he enjoys about betting, his approach, how it enhances his sports viewing experience, and if he thinks the USMNT will see a World Cup final in his...