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The Bettor Life

Mar 27, 2018

This week features Bill Krackomberger. Bill is a professional sports bettor that lives out in Vegas. He tells us about growing up around gambling, getting in to sports betting, his thoughts on the legalization of sports betting, and answers our new "bet your life on it" question.

Guest: @BillKrackman


Mar 20, 2018

New week. New episode. Today we talk with Marc Meltzer, a writer in Vegas. Marc has a lot of great insight to casinos, sports books, restaurants and more. We talk about Pai Gow poker, blackjack, craps, video poker and a lot more gambling stuff along with a bunch of Vegas stuff.

Also in this week's episode: my recent...

Mar 14, 2018

This week's featured guest is Chris Kim from the Faces and Aces Podcast. Before we hear from Chris, Tim reports a recent trip to MGM National Harbor, common mistakes seen at a blackjack table (as it pertains to certain basic strategy), and thoughts on March Madness futures.

Chris Kim shares his journey into gambling,...

Mar 6, 2018

It's time to make luck happen! This week features Cousin Vito from Cousin Vito's Casino Podcast. Vito shares his introduction to gambling, what he enjoys about the casino, and his podcast endeavors.

Also in this episode: The importance of paying attention to instructions on casino promotions, MGM National Harbor...