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The Bettor Life

Sep 29, 2019

A shorty to tie you over until our next regular episode. First, the guys make their selections for the Circa Sports Million contest. Then, they answer some listener questions.

Show: @TheBettorLife

Hosts: @ERosenthal1029 & @TimothyJLawson

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Sep 19, 2019

Eric discusses the credit card roulette game that he plays with his friends at dinner. Then, he lays into Ocean Casino. Finally, we address a phone call from last week's You Can Bet on That regarding big sports bets for possible comps. 

Show: @TheBettorLife

Hosts: @ERosenthal1029 & @TimothyJLawson

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Sep 13, 2019

First, Eric vents his frustration with getting paid on winning wagers from PointsBet. Then, the guys take some questions from a listener regarding how to engage with a casino host. Also, Eric explains some potential benefits of placing a bet over the counter vs in an app. Finally, the guys talk about what a gambling...

Sep 5, 2019

This week features poker player, sports bettor, and gambling writer Joseph Falchetti. Joe writes at and has a foundation in poker and sports. He talks to us about his journey in gambling, the content he's creating, and a recent move to South America. Also, Tim and Eric gripe about college football...