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The Bettor Life

May 15, 2019

Tim and Eric have been looking forward to this interview since the first episode of ACTION premiered on Showtime. Today, the fellas talk with Todd Wishnev, a reoccurring character on the docuseries. Todd tells us about his discovery of gambling, the dark side of betting, and experience on ACTION. Also, Tim gives...

May 10, 2019

This is a bit of a "grab bag" of an episode. First, the guys go over their Kentucky Derby bets. Then, a little housekeeping. Next, a response to the dilemma of leaving your bet at a table and coming back for it later. Finally, Eric gives Tim a quick lesson on cold emailing a casino host.

Host: @TimothyJLawson


May 1, 2019

A gentleman going by the name "Jon B." joins us this week. Jon is a recreational gambler on the east coast. He shares his introduction to gambling and how a $20 loss on slots initially turned him off from it. Now, he's a gambler with an appreciation for the points and miles scene. Jon tells us about his gambling journey...

Apr 25, 2019

This week the guys bring on Gill Alexander, professional sports bettor, and host of A Numbers Game on VSiN. The three of them discuss the DocuSeries "Action" on Showtime. They provide their thoughts on how Vegas Dave was portrayed, Todd Wishnev's story arc, and a few other themes throughout the series. 

Also, mentioned...

Apr 18, 2019

Tim recaps his experience at Gamblepalooza. Eric tells the story of a 100/1 Masters win. The guys also talk baseball betting basics, more New Jersey sports betting promotions, and health preferences during a casino trip.

Host: @TimothyJLawson

Host: @ERosenthal1029

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